Question: Is Society6 A Trusted Website?

Is society6 any good?

As an artist who works with Society6, you will receive a cut of the pay every time your design is used on a product.

While you more than likely won’t make an entire career out of selling your art on Society6, you can snag a decent amount of money if you do things the right way..

Is society6 legit Reddit?

It’s a legit store.

Can you really make money on society6?

Commercial artists can make extra money by letting Society6 turn their art into coffee cups, iPhone holders, tote bags and t-shirts. The process is fairly simple. … If you want to sell your art on t-shirts, you’ll earn about $1.80 with each purchase.

Where are society6 products made?

IndiaIt might be worth mentioning that the bag is manufactured in India (according to the tag). All in all, it’s a very good quality tote bag. HAPPY. That’s all the Society6 products I’ve ordered so far.

Which is better redbubble or society6?

The biggest difference between Society6 and Redbubble is the pricing systems. With Redbubble, you decide your own price above the base price and you pocket the difference. … Depending on how you price your products, you could make more or less money using Redbubble over Society6. It’s up to you.

Does society6 steal art?

Society6 may take it a step too far, their copyright infringement policy teeters on the line of theft. … For a site with expensive products that only allow a 10 percent commission to artists on purchases, this policy makes Society6 utterly not worth it. Redbubble is one of the most popular of these POD sites.