Quick Answer: How Do You Identify Edumantra Wild Animals?

How do you identify wild animals reference to context?

Comment with reference to the poem ‘How to Tell Wild Animals’.

Answer: The poet has used the selected words and expressions to describe the animals and to create humour.

For example she says, “A noble beast greets you’ for “The Bengal Tiger”, “A bear – hugs you” “Crocodiles weep” and ‘Hyena smiles’..

How do you identify wild animals in poetic devices?

The poetic device used in the poem how to tell weld animals is Rhyme, allusion and alliteration. The poem How Tell Wild Animals is written by Carolyn Well, where the characteristics of various animals are explained in a funny way.

How can you tell wild animals summary?

The poet suggests some dangerous ways of identifying wild animals. The suggested ways create humour. He says if you ever visit the jungles in the east and you happen to encounter a lion, a tiger or a leopard, you’ll be able to identify them by the way they attack you. identifying while dying, the idea makes you laugh.

Why does the poet call him a noble animal?

Explanation: The poet called the tiger a noble and wild animal because it hunts only when he is hungry and not like leopard who kills for pleasure. … The poet has described the wild animals, in the poem, in a funny manner.

Which animals are the beasts of prey?

Beast-of-prey meaningAny animal, esp. a mammal, that kills other animals for food. noun. … A carnivorous animal that hunts for its food, especially one that preys on vertebrates. noun. … (figuratively) A predatory man or woman, savagely cruel and ruthless in his or her treatment of others. noun. Advertisement.

How do you identify a wild animal intro?

This humorous poem suggests some dangerous ways to identify wild animals. The poet gives a beautiful description of the Asian Lion and the Bengal Tiger. Then he points out about the Leopard and the Bear. He describes the Hyena for its smiling face and the crocodile for its tears.

How do you identify wild animals in Class 10 solutions?

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English How to Tell Wild AnimalsHow does the poet suggest that you identify the lion and the tiger? … Do you think the words ‘lept’ and ‘lep’ in the third stanza are spelt correctly? … Do you know what a ‘bearhug’ is? … Look at the line “A novice might nonplus”.More items…•

How can you tell wild animals from Edumantra?

A true Chameleon is a small animal like a lizard. He has no ears at all. Neither has he a single wing. If you see such a creature on a tree, then you are seeing a chameleon.

Who is the noble wild beast?

Bengal TigerAnswer. Answer: The noble wild beast is the Bengal Tiger. He has black stripes on a yellow background.

What are wild animals answer?

Animals that live in jungles, forests or in nature and hunt their own food and water are called wild animals. We can find wild animal in the zoo as well. Wild animals are dangerous and fierce.

Which animal roar is enough to kill you?

Q2- Which animal’s roar is enough to kill you? Q3- Which animal is she referring to when she says, “A noble wild beast greets you”? Q4- Which animal do you find while walking in a yard? Q5- How does a bear kill you?…Class 10 English First Flight book Poem 4 How to tell Wild Animals MCQs.1A8A9A10D6 more rows