Quick Answer: What Does Stephano Plan To Do With Caliban?

Is Caliban Prospero’s son?

Prospero’s dark, earthy slave, frequently referred to as a monster by the other characters, Caliban is the son of a witch-hag and the only real native of the island to appear in the play.

In his first speech to Prospero, Caliban insists that Prospero stole the island from him..

How does Caliban react to Stephano?

Caliban,in his delirium, thinks that Stephano is one of Prospero’s minions, sent to torment him; Stephano thinks a drink of wine will cure Caliban of what ails him, and bit by bit, gets Caliban drunk as well. It takes Stephano a while to recognize his old friend, Trinculo, whom Caliban seems to be ignoring.

What has Caliban done annoy Prospero?

Caliban was annoyed with Prospero because before the arrival of Prospero on the island Caliban was the owner and the ruler of the island but now Prospero made him his servant. He made Caliban do all the works like fetching firewood and if Caliban disobeys him then he tortures him with the help of his spirits …….

How does Stephano wine affect Caliban?

How does Stephano’s wine affect Caliban? Caliban ends up getting drunk.

Why does Caliban hide under his cloak?

Why did Caliban hide under his cloak? He sees Trinculo while he is gathering wood, thinks he is a spirit and attempts to hide from him. … He is frightened by the storm and is also interested in Caliban; he thinks he could bring him to England to be in a freak show.

How does Prospero punish Caliban?

Prospero promises to punish him by giving him cramps at night, and Caliban responds by chiding Prospero for imprisoning him on the island that once belonged to him alone. … Prospero then sends him away, telling him to fetch more firewood and threatening him with more cramps and aches if he refuses. Caliban obeys him.

Why does Stephano think that Caliban is suffering from fever?

Caliban’s unusual speech leads Stephano to think the monster is sick with a fever and having a fit. He considers taking the monster back to Naples to make money and gives Caliban some wine to help with his fever.

Why does Caliban hate Miranda?

In The Tempest, Caliban hates Prospero and Miranda because they enslaved him. Caliban gave them the tools they needed to survive on the island, and then they turned on him and treated him cruelly.

Is Caliban a villain or a victim?

Caliban in William Shakespeare´s The Tempest: The Victim Undercover as a Villain. In the play, The Tempest, by William Shakespeare, Caliban is an important character. Caliban is a character who plays as a victim to be pitied, as well as a villain to watch out for.

What does Caliban fear would happen if they fail?

Once his books are seized he will have no spirit at his command. It will then be easy for them to kill Prospero. (v) Caliban is afraid lest Prospero should wake up. If he wakes up, Caliban fears, Prospero would fill their bodies with pinches from head to foot and turn them into a strange state.

How does Caliban show that he is more intelligent?

How does Caliban show that he is more intelligent than Stephano and Trinculo? … He tricks Stephano and Trinculo into helping him kill Prospero with. magic.

What does trinculo say about Caliban?

Caliban curses and describes the torments that Prospero’s spirits subject him to: they pinch, bite, and prick him, especially when he curses. As he is thinking of these spirits, Caliban sees Trinculo and imagines him to be one of the spirits. … He cannot decide whether Caliban is a “man or a fish” (II.

Why did Caliban kill Prospero?

Caliban believes that Prospero treats him unnecessarily cruelly and accuses him of stealing the island from him. He thinks the island is his birthright because his mother was there first. … When Caliban meets Trinculo and Stephano, he tries to convince them to kill Prospero and take the island from him.

How did Ariel torment Caliban?

According to Caliban himself in Act I, Scene 2, he is the only inhabitant of the island that Prospero and Miranda land on: Ariel continues to repeat the accusation and further plots against Caliban by telling Prospero of Caliban’s attempt on his life: “This will I tell my master.” …

What is Caliban’s attitude towards the tyrant?

ii.). Caliban sees Miranda’s apparently selfless act as an extension of her father’s imperialism. He also insists that the only good thing about being forced to learn her language is that he can now fully express his hatred: “You taught me language, and my profit on ‘t / Is I know how to curse” (I. ii.).

What does Caliban promise to do for Stephano?

As Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano walk through the island drinking, Caliban proposes to Stephano that he can become king of the island if he kills Prospero.

Why does Caliban take up with Stephano and Trinculo?

Why does Caliban take up with Stephano and Trinculo? He meets them in the woods and mistakes the drunken Stephano for a god. Thinking Stephano will be able to defeat Prospero, and being disenchanted with Prospero, he decides to side with Stephano.

When Stephano encounters Caliban for the first time why is his reaction so interesting?

8. When Stephano encounters Caliban for the first time, why is his reaction so interesting, and how is it related to language? It is interesting because it was a language that resembles other languages.In one or two sentences, write down the gist, or main point, of this study. The main point is to understand the text.