What Should I Comment Under My Boyfriends Picture?

How do you compliment a handsome guy?

Compliments That Emphasize His Physical AttributesYour style is undisputed.

Your hair looks amazing.

Every time I see you, I notice how good you always look.That color you are wearing looks really good on you.You have beautiful eyes.From the way you look, I can tell that you’re really working hard at the gym.More items…•.

How do you compliment a guy?

20 Compliments Men Can’t Resist”I Love The Way You Think””You Always Know Exactly What to Say””You’re an Incredible Father””I Love You Just The Way You Are””You’re Such A Good Cook!””Can You Help Me Fix This?””You’re A Great Listener””It’s Amazing How Hard You Work”More items…•

What can I comment on my boyfriend’s picture?

What to comment on your boyfriend’s pictureHey hunk, that person next to you sure is lucky.I don’t remember taking this pic with such a handsome boy.You are so cute. … I can’t stop looking at that beard. … You look so good in this pic that I wouldn’t even be mad if you cropped me out.I see you went to the barber.More items…•

What should I comment on my boyfriends Post?

Best Comments for BoyfriendYou are so cute when you smile.When I talk to you, I can’t stop smiling.You are my knight in shining armor.You know how to rock my world.God sent you into my life. … Everything is better with you around.I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.I wanna hear you say “I made plans for us.”More items…•

How do you compliment a guy’s picture?

When commenting on guys profile picture, always mention something from the actual picture itself….You are so fearless!Loving!You are my perfect man!You are so kind!You are the best of the best!You are my stronghold!Your smile… wow!You are incomparable!More items…•

What should I comment on a couple picture?

Comments for Lovely Couples on FacebookHow lovely! You both look GREAT together.That’s what you called a ‘Perfect’ match.Seems like you Both are made for each other.What a match!So good to see you both.Lovely couple.Just love to see you two together.Lots of love for you, two.More items…•